Sunday, June 28, 2009

Acoma Quilt and More

I've been working on my Acoma Quilt as you can see from this photo. All the short sashings are sewn on, now it's time to cut and sew the long sashing pieces. This is my first diagonal setting with sashing. Keep your fingers crossed that I get the measurements right and sewn in properly. Otherwise, I may have a lopsided quilt center!

Next to the Acoma quilt is the beginnings of a small hand pieced top using 1.5" scraps. I do the hand piecing while watching television, usually the Texas Rangers baseball games. One can piece away while watching a baseball game and look up when things get interesting. This top is intended as a small quilt for display as a wall hanging. It is fun to do a small quilt because it can be completed quicker than a larger quilt and can be hand quilted or quilting on my Janome sewing machine with ease.

My cat brought me a wonderful present the other night. He has a screened in back porch where he stays most of the time when not lounging on my quilts. Ranger is an indoor cat except for that almost freedom of his enclosed porch. Although it is enclosed, little critters such as snakes and gecko lizards manage to crawl in. Unfortunately, he caught a small gecko and brought it in to share with me much to my dismay. Usually I try to catch them when he turns loose of them and put them back outside in the front yard where the cat doesn't go. However, I had no such luck this time. Ranger gobbled him up before I could do anything about it! Horrors! At least it is not running loose in my house.

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