Tuesday, June 10, 2014


There are several antique/junk stores in Burnet, apparently including a flea market that we learned of too late to visit.  There was another indoor flea market that we managed to shop a store called The Knot Hole.
We bought lots and lots of colored glass to make garden totems like these I found on a Google Photo Search:

blue and clear glass artGlassGardenArt1a.
multi from etsy

glass garden art red clear

We haven’t started creating yet because we are in the midst of closing out the estate of Sweetie’s parents, clearing out the household and putting the house on the market.  When we finally DO get a totem together, I will share a picture.  I’m sure we will learn from quite a few mistakes on the first couple of tries.  Just like making quilts.

Gotta go now. 
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