Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Phone Clip Art
I’ve noticed something over the last several months.  Now that I have an android cell phone where I can read my Facebook, emails, and do Internet searches, I don’t go into my office to use the desktop computer much.  Thus I don’t blog as often.

What have I been doing?  Making a baby quilt for my nephew’s new son.  Here is just a small section of it because I couldn’t get a good picture of the full quilt.  It is a beach theme with lots of fish, ducks, swimming, sand, and the like.


I’ve also been reading books and magazines.

Spider Bones by Kathy Reichs (2011, Pape...

I liked Spider Bones, a Temperance Brennan mystery written by an actual forensic anthropologist.  My only complaint is there was way too much research detail regarding the POW/MIA identification office operations. 

9 Dragons by Michael Connelly was a page-turner featuring kidnapping, Asian crime rings, and a American police officer in Hong Kong attempting to locate his daughter.  Connelly is a writer who can grab your attention and not let it go until the end of the book.

2013-09-27 12.36.42

When my mailbox fills up with quilting magazines every other month, I’m in heaven.
However, the main thing I did over the last several weeks is cope with a bad case of bronchitis with a lingering cough that still hasn’t gone away.  Then my Sweetie got sick too.  We were going through boxes and boxes of tissues.  Oh what misery.  But things are looking up!

Until the next time, keep yourself in stitches,
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  1. Cute quilt! Reading and being sick go hand in hand. I hope yoru hosuehold is on the mend!

  2. Hi Donna, I love the fabric in the baby quilt. Nice and bright. I love your pile of quilt magazines. I love dreaming about all the quilts I am going to make as I read them. The 9 Dragons book looks good. I will look for that one. I read about your pecan pie disaster. I bet it was still delicious.


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