Friday, October 18, 2013


Last week my Mom, Sweetie and I took our first road trip in our new truck down to southwest Texas to visit my aunt & uncle.  It was a long 340 mile trip that would take only about 5 1/2 hours if we didn’t stop lots of places along the way.  Like antique malls.  Coopers BBQ in Llano. 

The first big stop was at Coopers Bar-B-Q in Llano for a big old heaping plate of BBQ brisket.  The dining experience a Coopers is a bit unique.  I unfortunately did not take pictures thus falling down in my blogger duties, however you can get a real feel for the experience by checking out all the pictures found HERE.

First, you stand in line outside the building to wait your turn to the humongous BBQ pit heaping full of chicken, chops, sausage, ribs, brisket, and no telling what else to pick what you want to eat.  You tell guy what you want then he slices off how ever much you think you need, then dips it in some BBQ sauce, and then slaps it onto a big red plastic cafeteria-style tray.  You have to be careful that your eyes don’t overload your stomach.  It’s awfully easy to load up that tray with more than you can possibly eat. 

Inside the restaurant they weight it, slice it, and tag it for check out.  You can pick up sides too.  Mac & cheese, cole slaw,  potato salad, pickles or more.   After you help yourself to the drinks, pinto beans, onions, and plastic dinnerware, you find a seat at the long picnic tables inside where you spread out, grab you some white bread and a jalapeno pepper if you feel brave, and start chowing down.  Heaven.
The antique mall we usually visit in Llano was closed so we went on down the road to Fredericksburg visited our favorite antique mall there.  I did take pictures there.  Here is some of what we saw (but didn’t bring home with us).  Be sure to click on the photos to see a larger, more detailed view.
Cute child's pink wringer washer
Child's Victorian rocking chair
Mid- 20th century booth, right side
Mid-20th century booth left side
This chair from that booth.  You can't
tell from this photo but the leaves are
a light lavender color against a golden yellow
background.  Funny!
A table-top scene including a pretty crazy
patchwork quilt draped over a chair.
Unique quilt featuring doll blocks.
It was a fun stop.  A good way to stretch the legs after being cramped up in an automobile for several hours.
Next time I’ll tell you more about the trip.  In the meantime, may your bobbins always stay full.
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