Thursday, September 19, 2013


I don’t have a particularly cohesive post for you today, just thoughts as they pop up into my head.
Looking forward to my local guild’s quilt show this weekend.  If you live in the Fort Worth/Dallas area, please stop by to see the marvelous quilts.

Trinity Valley Quilters' Guild

2013 Trinity Valley Quilt Show
Trinity Valley Quilters' Guild of Fort Worth
31th Anniversary Quilt Show
September 20-22, 2013
Friday & Saturday - 10:00-5:00
Sunday - 11:00-4:00

"21st Century Quilting...Tradition with a Twist"

Amon Carter Exhibit Hall
Will Rogers Complex - Fort Worth, Texas

The gorgeous 2013 Donation Quilt below.
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After 13 years without an automobile payment, Sweetie and I purchased a new truck.

2013 Silverado red

It’s a metallic maroon red 2013 Silverado pickup.  Gorgeous and big.  It’s going to take some getting used to for me to park this whale.  And to make payments for the next few years.  We hope we can pay it off before Sweetie retires then we will have a relatively new truck to drive for several years.  He sold his 1997 Chevy truck but I still have the 1996 Chevy Tahoe.  We maintain our vehicles well to make them last.

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Ranger the cat is a very, very vocal cat.  And a stinker.

ranger close up (1)

His mouth is closed here but that is unusual unless he’s asleep.  He drives me crazy some days.  He cries for food.  He cries if you don’t stand by the bowl while he eats his food.  He cries if he can see the white bottom of the dry food bowl even though there is dry food all around it.  He talks non-stop when Sweetie comes home from work just to get attention.  I’m home all day so he’s happier to see Sweetie than me.
Oftentimes he brings me gifts from his enclosed patio.  Like lizards, bugs, and little snakes.  Fortunately, this time he left the 10-12” long snake outside ( I spared you the snake photo because I know how some people get freaked out just seeing a snake picture.)  Gross!!!  I hate snakes!!!!

However, I can show you a different kind of present he left me.  I'm such a lucky gal.

cat puke

Cat puke.  This batch is in the sewing room and must have been left for me yesterday but I didn’t see it until tonight.  It's good and dry now.  I know . . . gross.  But that’s a cat for you.  Not to mention all the long fur tufts floating around.  No more long-haired cats.  I swear Sweetie. Now I didn’t say no more “cats,” just no more “long-haired” ones.

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Finally, this is a stack of four-patch blocks I’m working on.  If I could stay off the Internet for a few hours I could have them finished.  Nertz!

4 square block parts

Now I’m leaving the time-consuming Internet so so-long until next time.
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