Tuesday, April 23, 2013


As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, my initial #19 Old Maid’s Ramble block for the Grandmother’s Choice block of the week hosted by Barbara Brackman was a resounding failure.  Pieces flip flopped, biases waiving, the whole works.

BEFORE - Rotary Cut Version
As a result, I decided to use a paper-piecing pattern for this block from my Electric Quilt 5 program.  When I reached the point where the four paper-pieced sections were ready to be joined, I had my eagle-eyed Sweetie to check the layout.  All was well so the block went together like a charm.  The results are so much better than my rotary cutter version.  By the way, please note that the points are chopped off only in the photo and the block is square. In person both things are correct.

19 old maid's ramble
AFTER - Paper-Pieced Verson
One little boo-boo but nothing that upsets me. Two of the half square triangles are made from a different color way of the same Morris print.  Can you find them?  Over the years I've learned to let myself relax about the smaller imperfections.  I am NOT nor will ever be perfect so why drive myself crazy about the smaller things.  Once it is in the quilt top, I won't even be able to see the difference.  Now with that first wonky block, I would have noticed and gotten crazy about it because it's a really big icky!

Now it's on to the next block for this women's history quilt.  I’m about fourteen blocks behind on this project but I’m ready to kick it into gear to complete more.

Hope everyone is enjoying fine Spring weather and flowers about now.  My climbing roses in the back yard are running rampant with blooms, a wall of pink and green along the chain link fence..

Guess that's all for now.   I’ll talk to you guys later.
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  1. I often use Foundation Paper Piecing when a block presents multiple challenges!!! I don't blame you for redoing this block, you have to be happy with the results otherwise it would bother you no end!!! I think the couple of pieces in this block that are different add a bit of charm, and in many years to come someone will be intrigued by it!!! It's a great block, all the best catching up with the others!!!

  2. Great job!! Love the colors you have chosen for this...I have been collecting the block patterns but haven't been done any of them yet!


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