Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I’m not too crazy about the way #11 turned out.  In my infinite wisdom, I though it would be easier to paper piece it instead of the templates provided with the pattern by Barbara Brackman on her GRANDMOTHER'S CHOICE blog.  I was soooooo wrong.  But I stuck with it to the bitter end.  The white stripes do not match in size.  Then there is my slightly wonky door.  It will not be redone.  It will have to stay as is.  All the little kids were rough on my schoolhouse!

11.  Little School House

11 Schoolhouse

The churn dash is a favorite of mine.  This one turned out fantastic.
4.  Bride’s Knot

The most recent block posted on Barbara’s blog is number 18.

18 Cheyenne

Thankfully Cheyenne and was easy although I wish I had more dominant orange in the fabric mix.  To see how other participant’s are making their blocks just visit the FLICKR photo group.

I’m hoping to get several of the Grandmother’s Choice blocks caught up today though I may take a break to see Lincoln at our local movie theater.  And maybe make a black-eyed pea recipe called Hoppin’ John.  Need all the good luck we can get from the New Year’s Day black-eyed peas.
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  1. All your blocks are beautiful!! Fabric is a very soft material so one have to live with a little bit wonkyness... And I think that mekes it that handmade things look so nice!!!

  2. Good for you keeping up. Love your W Morris theme.


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