Friday, November 16, 2012


This title is a bit crazy but I just downloaded some pictures that were on my camera which cover several weeks worth of happenings.

Halloween 2012 was celebrated at my mother’s house as usual.  Roasted wieners, chili, chips, dip, and lots of deserts.  Here is the best picture of my niece, her baby, and her niece all dressed up for trick or treating.

Trinity kayce emma halwn 2012
Trinity, Kayce, and baby Emma
Aren’t they the cutest little witches you ever saw?

Mom already had her table decorated for the Fall with a table runner I made for her a few years ago.  She collects chickens and is a retired floral designer so she set up a darling little table vignette.

thanksgiving table at moms

Unfortunately, my dining table is never cleaned off enough to decorate it for the seasons.  There are always newspapers, mail, and “stuff” on it all the time. 

In a response to a call for quilts and blankets for the Hurricane Sandy victims in New York and New Jersey, I am making a colorful flannel quilt.  I’ve had the fabric for several years just waiting for an appropriate use.

Oops!  layout error!

ranger redesigning q
My trusty helper Ranger

donation q on bed
Top Assembled

I’m working on the backing now and will tie the quilt rather than quilt it due to the immediate need in NY and NJ.  Quicker is better in this case.

That’s all  for now.
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  1. I love the colors you used in this quilt. Done is wonderful isn't it? And for a worthy cause. Someone will love this one! I love the baby witch and her costume. How adorable!


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