Thursday, August 9, 2012


Yesterday I worked on the applique blocks from the Just Takes 2 project, completing three of them.

50 star n crescent 55 flower petal substitute 48 winding ways

From top left clockwise:  #50 Star and Crescent; #55 Rose Dream variation; and #48 Winding Ways.

Once again I chose to make a simpler block in place of the Rose Dream block. Found Flower Petal in my Electric Quilt 5 block library, deciding to make it instead. 

Absolutely love the Crescent and Star block!  Have a plan to make a whole quilt with that pattern – somewhere down the line.  Thinking of cheddar moon and star on a royal blue background.  Got the fabric.  Got the pattern figured out.  Don’t “got” it started yet!  Too many other projects ahead of it.

rain houses colorful

Got caught in the rain last night while trying to leave the Target store.  I hadn’t brought in my umbrella.  Yes, it was cloudy and looked like it could rain but in my mind it wasn’t likely to do so since it hadn’t in weeks and weeks and weeks.  At the most, I expected a quick little shower then be gone.  Well --- it actually rained.  After waiting a few minutes for it to let up and worrying that I would miss the Olympic ladies' beach volleyball final game between the two American teams, I gave in and went out to the parking lot with my full shopping cart.  I got wet but didn’t melt.  Actually, it felt good!
a red Signature
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  1. These blocks turned out really beautiful Donna!
    I too love the star & Moon blocks. I really like your cheddar & blue quilt idea using this pattern. Hooray for that much needed rain you got last night!

  2. If you had been at my Target in the metroplex where there were the same dark would not have gotten wet as we did NOT get ANY rain.

    LOVE the plan for your one day star and moon.

    Sew on we go.


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