Thursday, June 7, 2012


Helpful paper-piecing hint #1 – Be sure to pull the fabric you just sewed onto the paper ALL THE WAY BACK before trimming the 1/4” seams cause if you don’t, you will cut into the fabric you just sewed where it doesn’t need cutting!  Then you have to rip out the piece you mistakenly cut and sew on a new one.  Voice of recent experience.   Argh!

This is block #42 of the Just Takes Two internet sew along.  It doesn’t have a formal name so I call it “Running Feet” because it looks like cartoon legs running really fast.  I wonder what would say about me if this was a Rorschach inkblot test?  Anyway, this block was easy to do because there weren’t really any little pieces in it.

I also made a checkerboard strip, about to make another, and then I will start on the “Buckeye Beauty” block which does have quite a few small pieces.  I’ve already cut the fabrics and packaged them in a project bag so I’m good to go.

project bag

Sew long for now,
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  1. you have made a great start on this set Donna. I see running feet too. I think there is a greek symbol with similar "feet" Cant wait to see your buckeye beauty. Do you use an "add a quarter " ruler to trim your paper pieced units?

  2. Love your block and how you have organized the other one so it's all ready to sew.

  3. I've done that paper piecing trick before too- it stinks!
    Love your block. I've opted to NOT do buckeye beauty as it seems we did one similar not too long ago. I look forward to seeing yrous.

  4. Just catching up with my blog reading - life has been getting in the way a little too much lately - now I am up to date with what you are up to!! I see you are enjoying Rosemary Youngs blocks and dabbling in Foundation Paper Pieceing, a method I really enjoy, but your idea of using used dryer sheets is a marvelous bit of ingenuity and recycling, great idea!!!! I too am looking forward to seeing what Barbara Brackman has in store for us in your Fall, our Spring, with the blocks to commemorate Women's Sufferage! Nice to catch up with what you are doing, I'm afraid my blog has been left very lonely lately, not sure when I'll post again as I haven't much to share of late!!!!


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