Monday, March 5, 2012


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You may recall I mentioned my eagle-eyed husband helping me with laying out the Civil War quilt blocks to make sure I didn’t have any obvious gaps or misplacements.  Now I have to enlist him in the search for my missing eyeglass lens.


As I started to clean my glasses this morning, I discovered, much to my chagrin, that the left lens was not there.  Gone. Missing.  Lost.  It has to be somewhere in this house (I hope) or my purse or the car.  I’ve looked everywhere I could think of without any luck so I’m praying Sweetie can cast his eagle-eyes about the premises to spot it lickity-split.  We will see.  If we don’t find it by tomorrow morning, I guess I’ll have to pay for a new lens.  That I do NOT want to have to do.

And while he is at it, I need him to find my good seam ripper and my little purple thing stick (it's like a little plastic stiletto) that are missing from my sewing room.  I'm depending on ya Sweetie!



  1. Oh dear! nothing more useless than a pair of glasses with one lens missing LOL!!! )I've experienced that with sunnies (sunglassses) - wasn't impressed LOL! I sure hope that DH of yours finds it before someone steps on it, not to mention the other missing items, best of luck!!

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