Tuesday, February 21, 2012


With a little help from the Geek Squad I am slowing reclaiming my sick computer.  Reinstalling programs, resetting passwords, and such.  But I think my offline backup file is screwed and I won’t be getting of my old documents back.   Fortunately, my pictures were backed up on a different local media so ALL is not lost but oh my!  I’m not looking forward to dealing with the DataSafe people!
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As I slowly come back to life from computer woes and illness, my sewing has lain dormant for too long.  However, I am looking forward to an event this weekend at the Winedale Historical Complex in Round Top, Texas.  It’s the Lone Star Quilt Study Group meeting featuring cotton sack quilts.  I have one or two (maybe more) examples in my vintage quilt collection that I will take to share at the meeting.  This will be a day trip chauffeured by my beloved Sweetie who loves antique quilts too although he thinks they are beginning to overrun the house.  I will take lots of pictures to share with you.

Granny's quilt 005
Granny's Quilt held by Hunter, Dad, and Sis

The above photo is a feedsack quilt made by my grandmother in the 1950s.  It was only a top so I quilted it for my sister using the utility or big stitch.  Nothing fancy, but a quilt made with love.

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