Tuesday, January 10, 2012


As Henry Ford said, “Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.”  That will be my focus on projects this year.  Plus I am making a list of projects to work on this year as recommended in The Power of Ten courtesy of Texas Quiltworks.
checking off a list
The “Power of 10” in quilting is not some higher mathematical formula that quilters all need to learn to make a quilt.  It is a simple way to complete those projects we want to finish before we buy anymore fabric. 
  1. First, simply find the projects that you are no longer interested in completing and pass them on to someone who would love it as much as you once did. 
  2. Second, list “10” projects that you would like to complete. Now remember “Only 10” projects are to be on the list. 
  3. Third, begin working on the projects on the list and spend three hours toward completing it. 
  4. Fourth, keep a list of projects and the hours worked.
  5. Fifth, once three hours are spent on a project move to the next.  A quilter's interest wanes and is usually spent after three hours. Now if a project requires two to four hours it doesn't matter.  Simply finish the project.  Feel good about finishing it.   
  6. Sixth, find another project and add it to the list. Remember, only Ten Projects are your focus. 
  7. Seventh, continue to rotate the projects you are working on. 
  8. Eighth step is to list the supplies needed to finish your projects. 
  9. Ninth would be to shop at Texas Quiltworks  (or your local quilt shop) for items to finish your projects.  Local quilt shops need your support more than ever in today’s economy.
  10. …and Tenth,  the ‘Power of Ten‘ becomes reality when you are able to share your project.  Be sure to share your quilt at guild meetings, quilt shops, family and friends.  Remember by showing your finished project you are inspiring someone else to finish a project.
One customer with whom I shared this concept at the beginning of last year came by to tell me how it worked for her.  She listed only ten projects and when she completed a project she added another one and in a few months she had completed all her projects.  She was so excited and wanted me to know that it worked wonders.  This customer said it empowered her to finish projects, freed her mind, allowed her to focus on the projects at hand and feel good about starting a new one.  Give it a try and let us know how it works for you.  

This is the first type of sewing machine I ever got to use play with at my Granny’s house, but when I got old enough to be trusted with a electric sewing machine, it was more like this one.

Singer 99K
A Singer 99 K like Mom used to have.  She's long gone to sewing machine heaven.

Sewing machines have come a very long way, thank goodness but my Janome 4800 is not a fancy one – no embroidery, just 50 or 60 fancy stitches and the alphabet in two styles - but it does the job for me.  I also have a Singer Featherweight but it needs a little TLC since I haven’t used it in two years.  She's skipping stitches which may be because I threaded it wrong.  Something about not looking at the threading diagram in the Owner's Manual.  You can read about the Featherweight HERE.

I have one more of the first set of six blocks of the Just Takes 2 quilt to make, then I will post photos.  The next batch of block patterns comes out on January 15th I believe and I want to be ready, so I guess I better get back to work.

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  1. Donna!!!! I could never be that disciplined enough to create the power of ten, it would make me too anxious and then I'd never get anything done LOL!, I love the concept, but I would fail miserably......(I know my limitations LOL!!!)
    I love your Singer 99k. I have one exactly the same and sew on it everyday, they are awesome little machines!! I also have several other vintage machines, they do get their turn, but the 99k is my little sewing princess really, I love her to bits!!!! Thankyou for reminding me, I should get that FW out of her case too and let her have a turn, I think she might be getting a little lonely!!!!

  2. I love this idea Donna, I think I will try it myself. I see you are local, maybe you could join some of us locals (DFW GANG) for a sit and sew!


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