Saturday, January 21, 2012


I admit it.  I’m cheap.  I don’t want to pay tons of money for a photography editing program, so I’ve been using a free program on the Internet called PicNik.  Well they just notified me that they are closing down their program in April of this year.  So I decided to do a little internet research and came up with an alternative free program that I actually like better than PicNik.  It’s called FotoFlexor.  While testing it out, I made this pop art photo poster of my cat.

Fat Cat Ranger Pop Art

Isn’t this funny?  It reflects four of his moods – from left to right:  Angry enough to do something evil, friendly purring, moody, and hungry.  I see the hungry mood the most, but worry about sneak attacks during his evil angry mode.

It’s fun to play with stuff on the internet.  For instance, this message came up on my Facebook page from Sew Unique Creations that sums me up entirely.

Creativity is Messy Sew Unique Creations

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  1. I saw this on Facebook! Very cool...isn't the digital world just the best!!!

  2. How cool is that ! Thanks for the info I will have to go and check it out .

  3. I haven't played around with photo-editing stuff that much, so will pop over and check it out!!!

  4. Wow, thanks for doing the research and pointing us to an alternative. I just got their email yesterday and was a bit bummed so looking forward to checking out FotoFlexer. Thanks again!

  5. Yes, thanks for the link to Fotoflexor, I got my email yesterday from Picnik, so I will be checking FotoFlexor out for sure. Love your Andy Warhol cat picture


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