Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I collect all kinds of antiques and vintage items, including some related to quilting.  My most recent purchase comes from EBay, a booklet published by Aunt Kate’s Quilting Bee in 1965 called Abraham Lincoln Spread:  A Famous Quilt From the Year 1865.

Lincoln Quilt Aunt Kate Book

The booklet stated that this spread was made in 1865, two months before Lincoln died, and located at the Shelburne Museum in Vermont.  I Googled the quilt and came up with this photo in The Quilt Index.  This is a photo of a quilt made in the 1960s based on the original quilt:

Lincoln Quilt

“Aunt Kate’s Quilting Bee,” a magazine for quilt lovers, was published by Glenna Boyd of Burleson, Texas from 1962 until 1979, with the help of her daughter in the later years.  I discovered her when I came across Mrs. Boyd’s obituary in the Fort Worth Star Telegram a few years ago where it stated she published this quilting magazine.  Since then, I’ve collected 55 issues of “Aunt Kate’s” and am still looking for some missing editions.  It was the precursor to the quilting magazines of today,  with a friendly, chatty style, and contained quilt patterns from several sources, including her own designs.  There were also poems, a scripture here and there, and ads for more quilt patterns.    A delightful publication from the 60s-70s, important to quilt history in my opinion.

Well, after a truly bad game on Sunday night where the Rangers lost by lots and lots of runs, they won the next two games.  Unfortunately, I was not feeling well on Sunday so I slept through the majority of that game, but on Monday night, I was wide awake, whooping and hollering when our guys did something good.  Plus nibble on my fingernails when things got tight, and cringed when they did something wrong. 

It turned out good for the Ranger Boys with a close 2-4 win. Now they head back to St. Louis and need to win just one of the two games left in the Series.  Hand quilting came to a halt by the 7th inning when things started getting too exciting to handle the needle.  I’m still making progress, but only when there isn’t much happening during the game.

Sew until next time, keep stitching.
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  1. Good for you to collect copies of Aunt Kate's Quilting Bee! Your collection must have some wonderful treasures between it's pages! It's also valuable in that it preserves the modest start of what has now become a multi million business in quilting publications! Good luck with your continued search for other editions! Would you ever consider putting a book together of what you know about Aunt Kate and what she published in her booklets?

  2. I am a huge fan of Abe Lincolns I would love to get a copy of this too.
    thanks for bringing it to my attention.
    I would love to start collecting Aunt Kate's quilting bee magazines
    thanks so much for the info


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