Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Baseball games take a long time to play – at least a little over a couple of hours and up to 4 or more if they are tied and go into extra innings.  How do I help use that time wisely but still keep up with the game?  Hand sewing work.  During the current playoffs between the Texas Rangers and Florida Rays, I’ve been hand quilting.

poinsettia qltng highlite

This quilt top has been waiting for quilting for almost a year now.  I think I worked on the applique pieces prep during last year’s play off and world series games.  This if my first attempt at hand quilting using a smaller needle and thread.  In the past my hand quilting consisted of #8 perle cotton thread and a #5 or 6 needle.  The stitches are further apart, used in simple designs light a Baptist fan or grid quilting.  On this quilt, I wanted to outline the applique pieces so I opted for the more traditional quilting method.  

At first, I tried using a large hoop but after working with it for a couple of hours with poor results, decided to take off the hoop and just do the lap quilting.  That worked much better for me but my stitches were still a little too long.  However, the more I stitch the better the stitches began to look.  I can definitely tell where I started compared to where I am at the time.  Much, much improved but not perfect.  The index fingers are getting pricked and tougher each day which is another good sign that I’m making progress.

Maybe by the end of the World Series for 2011, my Poinsettia Wreath quilt will be completely hand quilted and ready for Christmas display.   And the Texas Rangers will the be World Series champs.

Let's go Rangers!

2011 West Div Champs

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  1. I think I could have written this post! Only you need to substitute the Braves for the Rangers (hate it that they were eliminated. Guess they should have played better, huh?) I too enjoy quilting while watching sports. Since my team is no longer around I'm having to make due with football. Too bad my Auburn Tigers can't seem to play this year either.

    Your quilt looks lovely. Good luck and keep working!

  2. Just wait one minute...the Phillies will be winning the world series this year!

  3. I love that quilt. You inspire me to get busy with hand quilting. I need LOTS of practice.


  4. Your Poinsettia Wreath quilt is gorgeous and isn't it a pleasure to sit and hand quilt while the Rangers win!?!


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