Wednesday, October 12, 2011

41 Red White & Blue Civil War Quilt Block of the Week

This week, I chose not to follow the directions on Barbara Brackman’s blog but instead found a paper pieced star to avoid the templates and set in seams situation.  The paper pieced star pattern is at The Quilter’s Cache HERE

42 red white blue

My only complaint is that it is difficult, in my case impossible, to keep the star background fabric lined up.  However, if you avoid extremely directional fabric, that won’t be a problem.  I couldn’t avoid it since these stars are my background fabric throughout the whole quilt.

To see another paper pieced star, visit Barbara M’s  blog Cookie's Creek.  She has no overtly directional fabric to contend with and her block looks just great!

My Texas Rangers have won the first two games of a seven game series (yee-haw) but lost Monday night to the Minnesota Twins.  That’s okay.  We still have tomorrow and only two other games to win to advance to the World Series.  They can do it again.  Let’s go Rangers!  Keep your fingers crossed ‘cause I said sew.


By the way, did you notice the similarities in the last quilt block and the Texas Ranger's logo?  Both five-pointed stars.   Thank goodness we didn't have to add a circle, a banner, and little round shapes at the end of the points on our design. 

The hand-quilting project is coming along both during the games and other times when the mood strikes me, as well as my friendship triangles probject.  I'm having to make additional HSTs to add length to it but I'm making huge progress.

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  1. Your block looks great! And, yes, I am so very glad we didn't have to add the extra details to the star!! And the Rangers won tonight!!!

  2. Great block! It turned out very well!!!


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