Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I completed block #34, called Rosebud, for my Civil War Quilt block of the week.  Even though we hate having to deal with 16th of an inch on our rulers, the measurements given by American Homestead made the block finish at a perfect 8 1/2”. 

34 Rosebud

I also work on last week's block, #33 Indiana Puzzle but measured wrong  and have to start all over again.  Darn it!  It’s break time now, but I may tackle it again later tonight when my head clears. 

Speaking of Rosebud, here is a close up face photo of my little rosebud, Rowdy Ranger.  He is a little sour puss but he allows me to touch him when he’s ready and to feed him on demand.

Ranger very close face

The little white comma on the right side of his face and mouth looks to me like he slurped up some milk, splattering it on his face.  Of course, he has never touched milk.  That would set off his throw-up act.  He has a pretty delicate stomach.  Kinda like his momma.

That’s all for now.  May your bobbins always be full ~
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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! If your husband gets started on Zentangling...he will quickly become addicted!! Be sure to have him look at some of the blogs I follow to get more ideas. Stay cool!!!!

  2. Your block turned out very well, I like the fabrics you chose!! I also love your Mr Rowdy Ranger, he looks like is a little mad at something, with that stare LOL! He has a beautiful coat!

  3. I love your block and how precise it turned out. I am working really hard at mastering 1/4" seams because making this block was a real challenge for me! Rowdy Ranger looks like he's ready for a rumble!!!


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