Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Very little!  I can say that I finished block #27 of the Brackman quilt, the Irish Chain.

27 Irish Chain

However, I think it needs more red so I may change out the center block.  We will see.

I also got the top finished on my red and white Crossroads/”T” quilt

You can’t tell but all the red fabric has a small white dot all over it and my white fabric is a mixture of various white with red accents found in my “Resource Center” (aka stash).  The top measures 33” X 41” at this time but may shrink a little after I grid quilt it on my home machine.

The rest of my long weekend was spent mostly on the couch in the den nursing a headache.
I missed the 4th of July parade . . .

Trinity and Hunter
My niece’s kids, Trinity & Hunter

Big, Loud Fire Truck

terry's tx rangers

CW Reinactors

civil war cannon
Terry’s Texas Rangers, Civil War Reenactors

old fella on old tractor
Old Fellas Driving Old Tractors

Most Importantly, the Veterans

Sweetie went to the parade with my family and his Dad and took these photos before he dropped the camera and busted it.  A new camera is in our future.

He also went to the annual 4th of July family get-together at my Moms and brought me leftovers of pulled pork sandwiches, potatoes salad, and grape salad.  Wish I could have been there.

The strength of my allergy shots bumped up a notch, so I’m suffering a bit from that bodily assault from extra allergens.  I’ve been told I should see some improvement after the third month, but I’m just now starting my second month.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend and got to sew a little.  A little sewing (and leftovers) were my only solace.


  1. Great red and white quilt.......
    Sorry you were under the weather. The heat this year can really keep you down.......

  2. Love your red and white! Great size too.
    I'd leave your block - I think the outer fabric (stripe) frames the red just right!

  3. I love just your Crossroads T red/white quilt!!! Just wonderful!!!! I think there has to be a red/white quilt in my future too somewhere!!!! Hope you are feeling better! too bad you had to miss the festivities.

  4. Sounds like you had a very productive holiday weekend! I especially enjoyed seeing your red and white T quilt. It's very striking.


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