Wednesday, June 8, 2011


While visiting my aunt and uncle, they gave me a vintage quilt that was made by my Great-Aunt, probably back in the 50s or 60s.  It’s an absolutely gorgeous red poppies applique quilt made from a quilting kit of that era.  Since my entire family knows how much I love old quilts and making new quilts, I am usually the lucky recipient of any family-made quilts or sewing supplies from decease family members.  This time I hit the jackpot!  It’s so big, I didn’t have a good place to hang it to photograph. 
The quilting is gorgeous.  The applique done well. Even embroidery on the flowers and on the vines.

bottom left to top
Scalloped Border With Red Binding

With embroidery detail

corner close up
Center Right

How lucky can a girl get?

My Sweetie did not come home empty handed either.  He was gifted with a 40+ year collection of native American arrowheads and tools found by my aunt and uncle in various locations throughout Texas.  Pictured below are just the ones that were already framed by my aunt.


There are more in boxes and buckets to be sorted.  Isn’t Sweetie a lucky guy?

On a stop at an antique mall in Fredericksberg on our way home, I added to my various collections with purchase of these vintage needlebooks

NB from Fredericksberg

and feedsacks.
Feed Sacks fredricksb

Oh yeah, then there was the extra 5 pounds of weight I brought back with me on my body.  Too much cheesecake, barbecue, peach cobbler, apricot cobbler, fried chicken, pancakes, etc. , oh my!  My aunt and uncle sure know how to treat company.

Time to get back on my Weight Watchers plan!


  1. Donna, what a pretty quilt. I have a kit quilt that I made in the 60's I will have to dig it out and show it.

  2. What a wonderful vintage quilt!! You are so lucky to be able to enjoy it, your great-aunt would be flabbergasted to know that you have shared her many hours of work with the world! I'm sure she would never have thought her quilt would get that kind of exposure!!!
    The arrow-heads are amazing too! I didn't think they would be that easy to find.
    I love the feedsack fabric, I have some precious pieces too! They are wonderful!

  3. What a treasure!! the vintage quilt is just beautiful....and what wonderful stitching!! Sounds like you had a great trip!

  4. Lucky you!! The quilting on the poppy quilt is wonderful as well!!
    Love the treasures your hubby received too. It sounds like a fun visit.

  5. The quilt is beautiful, and the arrowheads are awesome! Both represent a considerable investment of time, special gifts indeed.

  6. Congratulations on the heirloom quilt. Its a beauty!

  7. Such fun quilty things! Well worth five pounds, I think.


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