Friday, March 11, 2011


Ranger’s appointment with the vet on Monday for a tummy shaving went well until it was time for me to pick him up.  The vet staff said that the longer he stayed in the cage during recovery, the madder he got.  By the time I got there at 4:30 in the afternoon, he was good and mad.  They had a blanket over his cage to help him feel more secure.  When that blanket was lifted, oh my gosh!  I thought the devil had possessed his little body.  He growled, and hissed, and slapped with his sharp claws and bared his sharp teeth.  No one was allowed to touch him, even me.

cat growling

Finally, we had to put his open carrier cage into the larger cage and prod him into the carrier out of harms way for all.  Poor thing was so stressed out by the whole ordeal, he slept the rest of the day all safe and secure in his own home, but with no fur on his chest or belly.

Snuggled in Clothes

I reassured him he wouldn’t have to go through it again until next spring.  He is now a happy, lazy, mat-free kitty cat until then. 

Hang in there kitty.

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  1. Poor Ranger!!! I'm so sorry for him, but I had to laugh, how funny!!! Once he gets used to it, he'll love you again!...still laughing.....!!!


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