Sunday, January 9, 2011


It's snowing here in north central Texas after raining all morning long.  However, the snow is not sticking because it's only 37 degrees outside right now.  If anything happens, it will be tonight when it's colder.  The wet streets become ice very quickly.

Saturday morning, the Quilters' Historical Society (QHS) had it's monthly meeting at Cabbage Rose in Fort Worth.  We have been getting together for several years now.  It's a fun group of ladies.  The only photo I can share with you is circa 1890 quilt from Pennsylvania owned by our fearless leader, Carol S.

It is gorgeous, really inspiring and very, very pink!

My most recent vintage quilt came to live with us in early December.   I don't know the age of the quilt, but it seems to have some very old fabric in the blocks, possibly some mourning prints.  The strangest thing was the envelope of plaid fabric sewn on one end of the quilt.  You can see it in the bottom of the next photo.

Upon closer inspection, it was just an encasement of fabric hand stitched on the end.  I can only assume it was a "beard guard."  When men wore beards, it was a common practice to sew on some fabric to protect the binding and end of the quilt facing toward the head of the bed.

I quickly unstitched the "beard guard" and found a row and one-half more of pretty blocks.  I'm saving the chin or beard guard just for historical purposes, but the quilt looks so much better without it.

This pretty red striped fabric bled somewhat onto the back cream muslin fabric, but all else seemed stable.  The next photo may have mourning prints.

It's hand quilted in a Baptist fan pattern,  my absolute favorite quilting pattern.

Ranger gave his full seal of approval.

We may have to pull up some extra quilts in bed tonight when the temperature drops.

Sew until next time,


  1. oh both of these two quilts are just beautiful
    thank you for sharing them with us
    loved seeing the close up of the fabrics on the one that came to live with you
    Oh isn't it great to take off that beard guard, did you see that the fabrics underneath were more vibrant in color?
    I LOVE baptist fan quilting too.
    this sure was a great find and happy it came to live with you.
    jealous as well!

  2. Wonderful quilts...thanks for sharing. Both of them would be good candidates to reproduce, but I especially love that orange!

  3. I am your neighbor!! I know Carol S. very well...just was at Cabbage Rose today!


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