Thursday, January 27, 2011


Kathleen Tracey’s newest book, The Civil War Sewing Circle, is now  arriving in quilt shops and book stores.  You may order an autographed copy from Ms. Tracey  on her website here. 
The cover quilt is a particularly special quilt for members of her Small Quilt Talk Yahoo Group.  Many of us prepared signature and star blocks for Kathy to use in the friendship quilt featured in this book.  This is a picture of the two blocks I sent to Kathy.

Kathy Tracey Blocks

Slowly but surely, the quilts for the book were made, then the writing and publishing process moved forward.  A couple of years down the road, this is the final result.


Notice that the friendship blocks appear on the cover quilt.  Wow!
Here is a close-up photo of a section of that completed quilt.  Notice something familiar with the blue and beige signature block on the lower left hand corner?

My Blocks for K Tracey

I learned even more about this quilt on Bonnie's blog.  She quilted it for Kathy.  That’s the true meaning of a friendship quilt.

Stitchin’ friends are the best.


  1. Donna, what a thrill & an honour to be part of Kathy's new book..i noticed your sweet block right away lol!!
    btw i received my copy today and i'm over the moon..i LOVE it to bits!! cheers, Marian x

  2. How exciting to have your work included in the cover quilt of Kathy's book!
    Congratulations to Kathy as well. Her book looks like a must-have for me. Thanks for sharing her website link.


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