Monday, September 20, 2010

A Busy Weekend

First there was the Trinity Valley Quilt Guild Show.  Delivery of quilts on Thursday morning early then back later that afternoon to volunteer as a scribe for one of the Judges.

work table

My friend Charlotte from Temple came down Friday morning to meet me for lunch at our favorite Fort Worth tea room, located in the Montgomery Street Antique Mall.   We then drove a few blocks to the quilt show.  There were some wonderful quilts displayed.  My idea of heaven.

Best of show was Baskets in Flight made by Sally Brown and quilted by Susan Corbett.

baskets in flight

A couple of closer shots.

baskets in flight blue yellow

baskets in flight rose bud

Simply gorgeous.

My Viewer’s Choice pick was Vintage Valentines made by Susan Bancroft and quilted by Richard Larson.

Vintage Valentine

This is Charlotte looking closely at the center medallion on VV.

Vintage valentine center

Lots of beautiful appliqué quilts displayed, such as Celebration of  American Life by Billye Olson, quilted by Susan Corbett;

celebration of american life

Jacobean Beauty by Janice Bentley, quilted by Richard Larson;

jacobean beauty

Plaid Poppies made and quilted by Rachel Morgenson;

plaid poppies

Hens and Roosters made by Diana Ashton and quilted by Sue Needle;

roosters and hens

just to name a few.  Next time I’ll post more quilt show photos.

In the meantime, this weekend I’ve upgraded my computer operating system to Windows 7 so many files had to be moved, updated, organized, etc. from my old Vista (yuck) program.  Things are getting better in my computer world.  Many problems solved with the new Windows 7 but there is still work to be done.

Until later,



  1. oh Donna what beautiful quilts
    thank you for sharing with us , can't wait to see more!
    those plaid posies I have seen that quilt isn't it amazing!

  2. Thanks for the pics of the show! I was out of town and really hated to miss it! Will look forward to seeing more pics.


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