Wednesday, June 16, 2010

On the Way Home Through Albuquerque

Our last stop before flying home from the airport was in Albuquerque. First we took the Sandia Peak Tramway up to over 10,370 feet elevation, a 30 degree temperature drop and pretty strong winds.

Sandia Tram Passing Tramway Car

We “rocked” a little bit on the way up. Kinda spooky so I hung on tightly to the interior poles and my Sweetie as much as I could.

The terrain from one side of the mountain to the other was totally different.

Sandia Mtn homes

Houses on desert/Albuquerque Side of Mountain

Sandia Tram view Still on the desert side

Sandia pine Pine trees on the opposite side of the mountain where the ski slopes are located.

Once we made it safely back down to the tram station, we set out to find the quilt shop located on Tramway Drive. It turned out to be to the opposite end of Tramway Drive, several miles from where we started but it headed us closer to our hotel.

This book was displayed in the window of Quilts From the Heart quilt shop in Albuquerque next to a quilt made from one of the patterns in the book.


That quilt simply took my breath away and I just had to buy the book. You can see more of the book and its contents here.

Reflection on the glass made a photo almost useless, but I tried.

Albq quilt reflections

Arriving back at Love Field the next day was a shock to our New Mexico acclimated bodies. The humidity and 90+ degree temperatures just slapped us in the face for a welcome home!

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  1. Thanks for this post. We went to ABQ this weekend to see our daughter and son in law and took her piano in a uhaul trailer.
    We found the quilt shop you mentioned Quilts from the Heart. The quilt in the window was fabulous to see in person.
    Thanks for posting, it was easy to find on Tramway.


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