Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Quilting Heritage – The Other Grandmother

Grandma 06

This is my Grandmother on my Mother’s side of the family. She passed away in 2008 at the age of 95. The family thought that this Grandma only made two Cathedral Windows quilts, one for each of her daughters.

Imagine our surprise when two other quilts were found in her linen closet while cleaning out her home following her death.

We think possibly my Great-Aunt made them, but we don’t know. It’s possible that Grandma made one or both of them, but it’s a mystery. THAT’S WHY LABELS ARE SO IMPORTANT!

Tulip Q close Portion of Tulips Bed Sized Quilt

Tulip q 1 block Notice the Reverse Appliquéd Stems – The Green Fabric shows through the white background fabric.

I inherited this Tulip one; my Mother has the appliquéd dogwood one (I’ll get of photo of hers and post it later). My Sis chose Grandma's beautiful crocheted bedspread that looks wonderful on the bed in her guest room.

I have quite a few vintage/antique quilts and tops in addition to the ones I’ve made over the last five or six years, so I rotate displays of my quilts reflecting the seasons. It’s time to go to the Spring ones—although it was wintery cold a couple of days ago. Grandma's Tulips will be one chosen for display for sure.


  1. How lovely to be able to lay under a quilt your mother made. Mine had trouble sewing a button on and can never understand where I inherited my sewing skills from. Love the tulips.

  2. Thanks for viewing the donation quilt...and yes, sell those tickets! I love the antique quilts..we have several from both sides of the family.


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