Monday, August 31, 2009

Let There Be Light

lightning longhorndave

Heavy rain, thunder and lightening put a huge crimp on our Saturday night this week.  The electricity was off for five hours.  If I were a normal person, I would have been asleep three of those five hours since it went off at 8 p.m.  However, I am not a normal person – I’m a night owl.  Therefore, I was stuck trying to figure out how to pass the time in the dark with no television, sewing machine, computer or anything electrical to distract me.

The first two hours really were not too bad.  I talked to my husband and kitty cat (aka fraidy cat because he ran into the house and jumped on the sofa with us the minute the thunder commenced).  Using a flashlight and cell phone light to get around was funny because even thought the electricity is out and you have an alternate source of light in your hand, you still try to flip on the light switch when you enter a dark room.  Old habits die hard.

Thank goodness the rain cooled off the temperatures because we had no air conditioner or fans.  We just flung open the front and back doors for ventilation.  My hubby has a battery operated fan that he had to pull out because he started getting hot the closer it got to his bed time.  Needless to say, the fan went to the bedroom with him when he retired.

My MP3 player was near the computer in another room.  Oops, I tried to turn on the light switch again.  Anyway, I listened to the radio on my player for about an hour.  A call to the power company revealed an 11 p.m. estimated time for the power to be restored.  That time rolled around and still no power.

Reading by flashlight is a bit weird – there’s this huge bright light in the center surrounded by a dimmer outer circle.  Holding it up got tiring as well so I had to do the reading in timed increments.   Anyway, finally at 1 p.m. the whole world lit up like a huge searchlight turned on with blaring television.  Oh, and the washing machine continued it’s swooshing action. 

Wow, what a night!  Thank goodness it wasn’t on Sunday night at 8:00.  I would have truly been aggravated to miss a new episode of True Blood.

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